Oh Snap! My Eyes are Leaking

I recently celebrated 3 years of marriage to my awesome hot wife. She is amazing and a total babe.

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One of the things she is wayyy better at than me is feeling emotions and sympathy for people. I think that’s an every girl kinda statement but – I don’t want to be sexist.

For real though my wife reminds me to take into account how other people feel or their emotions as I talk to them.

It’s not that I don’t know that, I just tend to focus more on logic and less on emotions.


So when I tell you that I feel sad, hopefully, that means a little more to you now.

I don’t mean some sappy sadness like my dog just died (which I’m sure is sad) instead; I mean an intense, deep, to my bone sadness.

I’m sad about a lot of things. I’m sad that there is so much pain and hurt in this country. I’m sad that daily I see people putting a temporary fix on a difficult problem. I’m sad that there is so much pressure to live up to different standards to be accepted.

I’m sad that people think Jesus can’t help them. I’m sad that people hate Church, hate God, and hate Christians. Or at best they just don’t care.

I’m sad that it’s probably Christians fault people feel that way.


When we look at all the conversations happening on social media, on the news, or in our daily lives, it’s easy to think this election season is causing a lot of division among people.

Sure it’s a heated race.

But this political race isn’t dividing us. We’ve been divided for a long time. Long before combovers, pants suits, and supreme court appointments.

If we are honest with ourselves, we can feel that tension and brokenness.

We stuff our calendars with work and school, stuff our bellies, work out (make sure you Instagram it!), we watch movies, hang out, text, tweet, snap, share a story, double tap, L4L* all day long. When people ask how we are doing we have only one answer, “Good how are you!?”. We make sure that no-one sees our struggles, concerns, and fears.

        *If you are old L4L means “like for like.” So if you like my picture or page, I’ll like yours.

Somehow in all that life we feel disconnected at times from friends, family, and even ourselves.

AND forget about it if someone disagrees with you. There ain’t no way that’s going to work out.

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Somewhere inside of us we know something is off. We know that the way our world is – isn’t how it is supposed to be. When we are quiet, we can sense the longing we have for the brokenness to be healed.

So many times we try to fix that brokenness with the temporary solutions in life. Yet, we are always feeling empty or needing more. Many times people think Jesus has nothing to offer but Netflix definitely does.

I bet a lot of the reasons people feel this way is because WE (as in ME WE) aren’t really showing them a great example of following Jesus.

We act terrified of the future. We hide all our struggles. We cover our guilt and pain with the same band-aids the world is.

This is where my sadness stems from. I know I’m not perfect, but I know I’ve found healing in God. I know that people would benefit if they would follow Jesus. Too many times I have not shown them what that looks like or why you should follow.

Speaking of God, he said something very interesting in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Notice the action steps- HUMBLE themselves, then pray, then seek God’s face, and turn from their wicked ways.

It’s easy to read this verse and think, “Awesome so if I pray and seek God, he will heal our land by making sure everyone stops the evil their doing and agree with me and my beliefs.”

We totally miss out on the part where we need to humble ourselves, pray and seek God on behalf of our land, friends, and peers, and turn away from our wicked deeds.

There is a promise in there – God says he will hear from heaven and will forgive our sin and heal our land.


I have a slight man crush on Lecrae.


He once said at a concert I was at,

A lot of my wounds have healed. They have left scars, and I can either hide my scars, put a long sleeve shirt on, and cover them up. Or, I can show them off and say, “Yeah, it happened.” Scars are the way a dying world can know there is healing.

Scars are the way a dying world can know there is healing. That takes some humility, seeking, and praying.

When I’m hit with the sadness of all the brokenness and pain around me, I remind myself that it breaks God’s heart way more than mine. In fact, he paid the price to fix it (Jesus).

Instead of getting mad, angry, depressed, or sad. He asks me to humble myself, seek him, pray, and turn from my wicked ways. When I do that, he can use my healed scars to show a hurting world that healing can happen.

He can heal our land, my nation, my peers, and my friends.

That is the most hope I could ever ask for.



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  1. This is great my man! Love the verse of 2 Chronicles – just so practical and an awesome promise. Lecrae is a legend. So cool to see our own individual spins on a similar topic 🙂


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