About Me!

About me pages are so much fun! How do I make myself sound awesome, yet humble? Interesting but not weird. Funny but not arrogant. Cool but not a loser….

I have no idea!!

But here is a little bit about me anyway….

I used to be a Southern boy. Now I’m a total Yankee. I know this because I say wicked a lot. I also drink iced coffee in the winter and cheer for the Pats. I also might, occasionally, accidentally, not all the time, but sometimes swear.

I love the people in New England. I love the truth serum that is in the water up here. We don’t hide how we feel about ANYTHING (including you).

I used to make fun of people in ministry. Now I’m a collegiate minister…. I’m glad God changed my heart to love the people here.

Speaking of my heart I love my wife. She is awesome. Definitely my better half. We have an amazing daughter who is wicked stubborn – like her mom! Definitely not my stubbornness.

I have awesome parents and aggressively average brothers. (love you guys!)

I love following Jesus. It is a crazy ride and I never know where following him might lead, but I know he’ll get me through it.

I hate cheesy lines like the one I just said. I still love Jesus though and really do believe he will walk with you, through anything in life. It might not be pretty, neat, or fun, but he will walk with you.

I’m a wee bit sarcastic.

It breaks my heart seeing people walk away from God because of shortcomings of Christians.

I hate self-righteous people. Like the man in the mirror, I sometimes see.

I know loving people who disagree with your beliefs is hard. How do you talk to them is even harder. What if you push them away? What if you say too much/not enough?

It makes me sad that roughly 98% of college students are not connected to a Christian community – Because shouldn’t we (Christians) be loving like Jesus?

I am passionate about loving people. Especially the people who are so different from us and are hard for us to love – I think we can all do better at that.

I want to show the love God has shown me to the 98% that don’t know that love.

This site is dedicated to sharing stories, thoughts, and experiences on how I try to love the 98%.

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